Relationship Mastery CD Set

Six hours of enlightening and inspiring relationship transformation advice.


"You have completely transformed the way I look at relationships.  You are my Guru." K. Caldwell


"...more effective than years of marriage counseling.  I feel a dark cloud has lifted from our household," J. Morland.


"My entire attitude changed within the first 10 minutes of listening! Thank you for showing me how I have been holding on to the painful patterns that have been causing my unhappiness in relationships." P. Rowles.


"... you gave me a breakthrough that will not only help me in my marriage, but in every relationship, including parenting and even business." B. Lanski


The Soulmate Process

A most powerful and effective, book of insights into how to find the person truly meant for you and how to fulfill the "soulmate potential" of the relationship you are in. Discover the natural laws that govern the finding of your true life-and-love partner and learn some profound wisdom- techniques for manifesting your marital masterpiece. You can also apply these principles and practices for solving relationship problems and avoiding sabotaging a relationship with great potential. $12.95 - PLEASE ORDER THROUGH NEW LEAF DISTRIBUTORS - CLICK HERE

  "I found my soulmate within 90 days of beginning this book.  This system works so well I keep buying copies for my single friends." L. Schiffman





Lighten Up!
Harness the power of happiness to create the life you want.

Free yourself from the limiting mindsets and negative emotional though-patterns that block your joyful success in all areas of life

Over 200 pages of liberating enlightenment. $16.95 PLEASE ORDER THROUGH NEW LEAF DISTRIBUTORS. CLICK HERE





Parenting With Love, Without Anger Or Stress

Regarded as classic, groundbreaking book on the art of parenting more consciously. Maintain your peaceful and loving emotional balance to improve your child's behavior without punitive reactions or winless power-struggles.  Recapture and maintain the sacred joy of raising your child. $16.95







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