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The Method For Overcoming Rejection


We all have to face it.  Sometimes it means very little to us.  Sometimes it can rock our whole world.  Rejection.


Feeling devastated by rejection is an opportunity.  And the more devastated you feel, the bigger the opportunity.  The primary opportunity in the face of a serious rejection blow is freeing yourself from the inner pattern of rejecting yourself based on a belief in your unworthiness for love.


Your feelings of emotional devestation following a rejection are not caused by the rejector.  Those feelings were there all along.  The rejector is just an outward manifestation of the rejector within you.  


So what you can gain from devastating rejection is freedom from the inner pattern that is causing your suffering, and that has caused you to have to face devestating rejection over and over in your life.


This is accomllshd through the use of The Method. This heals the place of wounding that rejection leaves wide open.  


When you feel unloved and unwanted, use The Method to draw energy out of the pattern of self-rejection and to direct your love, compassion and respect inward toward yourself.  


When you begin yearning for your rejecter’s love, shift the focus of your attention back into yourself and The Method to heal.


The more of your love and respect that you send into you the more loving, respectful treatment from others you will draw into your life.  You will stop finding yourself in relationships and situations where you feel unwanted and devalued. 


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