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The Method For Freedom From Emotionally
Unavailable People


To free yourellf from emotionally unavailable people, become more emotionally available to yourself.  


Emotionally unavailable people are merely reflections of how disconnected from your feelings you are.


Until you force a deeper, more compassionate connection with your own feelings you will find yourself repeatedly feeling stuck in or out of relationships with emotionally unavailable people.


What makes the process of connecting with your feelings difficult is the layer of pain you have to get through.  You have been seeking relationships with others to escape this pain, but that strategy was futile.  It couldn't work, because our relationships with others are reflections of our relationship with ourselves.


Feeling your feelings fully, however deeply they hurt, makes you more available to yourself.  But until you heal the emotional wounds that are the real cause of those feelings, you will still not be free of suffering from emotionally unavailable people.


Those emotional wounds are based on emotional self-hurting patterns that you learned in your early childhood.  You don't have to go through years of analysis or counsellin to better understand what happened in childhood.  You merely have to withdraw your energy from those patterns now that you are aware of them.


This is beautifully, simply, quickly and effectively accomplished through the use of The Method.


What happens next is your feeling of freedom from any sense of dependency upon somonne who is not emotionally there for you.  Following that you find yourself in loving, mutually supportive relationships with others.  It's virtually automati.  Phone: 770-364-9580   Email:

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