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The Method For Finding The One You Are Looking For


To find the one you are lookning for you, look within.


Look at how you relate with you.  


What are your deepest, underlying fears about yourself?  Your fears about yourself represent ways that you are abusing yourself with a lack of trust, confidence, respect and love for yourself.


This means that you will continually find yourself in relationships with others who trigger your emotional pain, including feelings of rejection, abandonment, harsh criticalness and unworthiness.


Until you heal THIS internal relationship between you and you the person you are loving, emotionally available, respectful, appreciative and supportive person that you a re looking for must elude you, no matter how many dating websites you go on.


Your negative relationship patterns with yourself were LEARNED, and that means that they can be UN-learned.


Using The Method is a simple, effective way to withdraw your energy from the internal emotional pain patterns that must prevent you from finding the relationship with others that you really want.


As you create a more supportive relationship with yourself you will naturally find your relationships with others mirroring and reinforcing your feelings of self-value, your feeling of being truly loved, appreciated and valued for who you really are and for the sacred gifts you have to offer.  Phone: 770-364-9580   Email:

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