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The Method For Ending Or Beginning A Relationship


There are 2 cycles of relationship mastery: beginning the relationship and ending the relationship.


We all might as well learn how to master both because we all have to pass through both.


We have all begun a loving relationship and we have all had to leave a loving relationship. Sometimes we initiate the beginning; sometimes we initiate the ending. 


But none of us avoid these two experiences.


While relationship beginnings are fun, hard relationship endings are excruciating


One interesting thing that you can always see is that the ending begins at the beginning and the new beginning begins at the ending.


Every ending is in in the beginning in the sense that you can always look back on a relationship that has ended and see the seeds of that ending in its initial stages.


You may or may not have realized how serious the problems were in the beginning; you may have needed to go through more experience to really understand the signs.  But once you look back you can see that the cause of the ending was in place at the beginning.


The beginning of your next relationship is really part of the ending of your last relationship. 


If you go through the ending with integrity you establish yourself on a solid foundation for a better relationship.   


So to master endings is to master beginnings, and vice versa.


How you feel during and after a break up is essentially how you felt at the beginning.


If you feel lost self-esteem, you entered the relationship with that pattern, and counted on it to save you from the pain of that.  Ultimately, that strategy never worked, and here you are, at another ending, feeling emotionally pulverized once again.


The ending did not cause your hurt.  It can, however, finally cause you to address the real cause.


The real cause of how you are feeling is an emotional program that you received in childhood.  Until you release yourself from that painful pattern, you will continue to find yourself choosing to be in relationships that end up leaving you more devestating than you were when you entered it.


By using The Method, you can release from the painful emotional patterns that send you into relationships that are bound to leave you hurting again, freeing you to enter a loving relationship from a foundation of healthy, stable love for yourself.  Then, your relationship with another mirrors your relationship with yourself and turns out to be truly loving, supportive and satisfying.  Phone: 770-364-9580   Email:

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