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The Method For Finding True Love


Who doesn’t want a great loving relationship?  It’s so much fun to be in harmony with the one you love in that special way.  But there is a problem in seeking the loving relationship that you want.


You have to be honest with yourself if you want the results you are after to really come through for you.  You have to face the real reason WHY you want what you want.


There is something far more important than finding the relationship of your dreams, and it turns out to be the foundation for that relationship to last.  It’s being entirely secure within yourself first.  By this I mean being emotionally and financially independent.  Until you have achieved this, you will end up being too needy, dependent, controlling and critical in your closest relationship, which will definitely sabotage its quality, and most like its longevity.


Being emotionally independent means that you can feel happy, secure and valued however your mate chooses to be.  This means that you are capable of unconditional love, without which, a romantic relationship turns into a battleground where each is fighting the other for the freedom to be authentic.


The perfect time for developing emotional independence is when you are not in a romantic relationship.  If you can find inner peace, self-value and a joyful sense of life-purpose in that context you can maintain it when you find yourself with that special other. From there you can consistently demonstrate the unconditional love that truly bonds two loving souls together.  Beyond this, because we attract our reflection, you will draw to you a love-partner who is equally balanced and unconditionally loving toward you.


Financial independence is just as important, and it’s really an aspect of emotional independence.  If you are not secure financially you will draw to you someone who is also unstable in that area and find yourself feeling angry toward and threatened by the way your partner relates to money.  Additionally, you will end up choosing someone you believe can rescue you from your economic dilemma, meaning that you are really using that person, not loving that person, which sets the stage for resentment, betrayal, and retaliation.


Financial independence does not require that you make more money.  No amount of money makes a person feel financially secure.  Financial security is an emotional condition, not an economic one.  It means that you feel truly safe, at peace and confident regarding the flow of supply in your life.  This inner state is not based on an amount of money but on a deep inner state of emotional stability.


The perfect time to develop financial independence is when you don’t have a lot of money.  Having a lot of money can mask financial insecurity and that is why people seek more money as the way to relieve feelings of insecurity.  But while having more money may distract you from insecurity, it doesn’t solve the problem.


Until I found The Method I did not know how to establish myself in emotional and financial independence.  I was futilely counting on having a significant other to rescue me, and it never worked out for long.  Using The Method is a way to achieve release and relief from the false belief and negative emotional patterns that are the real cause of our emotional and financial dependency.  As we release ourselves from them using The Method, we are truly ready for that relationship of true love, and it will come.  Phone: 770-364-9580   Email:

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