In our coaching sessions I will be guiding you through a simple process that I call The Method for releasing you from your emotional pain, trauma wounds, and the addictive patterns that are really the cause of your recurring experience of relationship abuse. You will feel substantial releif in just one session.


I know the agony you are facing.

Relief is here... 


I suffered from relationship abuse all of my life, UNTIL I FOUND THE METHOD.


I know the agony of feeling "stuck" with someone who seems to set you up with temptation and then hurts you with aggression, rejection or complete disinterest.


I know how it feels to feel trapped in a relationship with someone who seems out to destroy you and to make an utter mess of your life!


In our phone-coaching sessions you will lose your fear of being on your own.  You will lose your fear of life, of reality.  You will lose your false dependency upon someone who is deliberately hurting you.  You will discover your power to stand up for yourself, and that will set you free.


Email me to schedule your complimentary session over the phone or via Skype. The session lasts around  30 minutes and your feeling of relief is immediate.

Go to my contact page to request a free PDF of my 20+ Page Special Report that thoroughly explains the cause and cure of the relationship abuse cycle.  Phone: 770-364-9580   Email:

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