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Those of you who live in Atlanta may know me from my WSB Radio show, that broadcasted for 15 years on both AM and FM. You may also know me as the parenting expert of WXIA TV or the Atlanta Public Schools Cable TV Network.


I've appeared on hundreds of TV , radio and podcast interview shows around the world and my work has been featured in newspapers and national magazines.


I've been a wisdom-author, speaker, seminar leader and counselor on relationships, parenting and personal / professional developmennt for 3 decades. My best selling books include Parenting With Love, Without Anger Or Stress, Lighten UP!, and The Soulmate Process.


Now for some personal info:


I suffered plenty in relationship after relationship.  I admit it: I was looking for someone to save me from myself (without realizing it).  It took decades to realize how and why I was either hurting someone else because I wasn't feeling good enough, or choosing someone to hurt me for that very same reason.


It wasn't until I went through a shattering divorce that I was finally ready to face myself and do whatever was necessary to heal the relationship wound-patterns that had been keeping me unhappy.


That is when my breakthrough happened.  Through the help of a great teacher who just happened to show up when I was ready, I received THE METHOD that was missing from every bit of relationship wisdom I had ever found.


Immediately after applying The Method I found relief from my pain. As I continued using The Method I experienced more peace, joy and freedom than I had ever known.  Finally, I longer needed to be in a relationship to feel whole, happy, worthy and secure.


As I began guiding others through the use of The Method they experinced instant relief from their emotional distress and release from the painful relationship patterns that they had been creating and recreating throughout their lives.


From that point on guiding individuals, couples and workteams through The Method has become my life-work.


Currently I am happily not in a relationship and loving it. (I can feel my great loving relationship on its way!) I am single parenting my two boys and creating my new life, and helping others to avoid the mistakes that I have made, and to heal from emotional wound-patterns that have kept them returning to painful relationship break downs and break ups.

Here is a recent photo of my boys and me.



Enough about me.  Now tell me about you.  Phone: 770-364-9580   Email:

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